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Host Your Own Radio Show

You could just be our next ‘star’ Show Host that our listeners & viewers love! 

We Have Experience & Recognition

  • We have the experience as a pioneer in the business since 2005 with a loyal (and still growing) audience.
  • Our shows are available on-demand - for free.
  • We only stream our network and do not sell Internet services for other stations.
  • We are fully partnered with YouTube so you know your broadcast is based on reliable and proven technology.


We Do Marketing & Promotions

  • We are a niche market, one genre network that gives you the best show cross marketing. Listeners don't have to sift through hundreds or thousands of different types of shows to find your program because they are already coming to us to listen to your type of show.
  • We constantly promote your show with ongoing 30-sec voice promos and ongoing mentions on our major social media networks, and our street team distributing our monthly full color flyers and posters.
  • We offer full color promotional materials for your show including business cards and 4x6 flyers.


We Are Cost Effective

  • We do not charge per listener, but have access to unlimited listeners - all the time.
  • Start-up cost is just $100.00(CLICK HERE TO SEE MONTHLY FEE)
  • For our audience coverage our show costs are 50% - (or more) lower than any comparable digital station on the web.


We Have Audience

  • We do Live Streaming and have more Time Spent Listening.
  • Per show audience counts are not available because NO streaming server software exists that can process actual large audience counts per show. If the software were available - we would have it.


We Have Industry Integrity

  • We limit the number of Internet Radio hosts per topic so our hosts get the most exposure without competing with similar shows.
  • We play original programs  of Active Hosts so programs are not dated which keeps the audience coming back.


As a show host on you have the ability to convey your own concepts without restriction. You have the opportunity to reach, educate and help thousands of people worldwide. Your products and services can be mentioned only in the commercials of your show. We provide FREE commercial production, complete boadcasting and host services. Your show included in our 24/7 On Demand archive page where your shows are placed after their original air date so people can watch them anytime.


By having your own Internet TV show you gain recognition as an authority in your field, as well as, gaining media clout and publicity. This is your opportunity to be part of conscious community that is making a positive impact on people and the planet.


Our 1-hour programs are always fresh and new. We will consider ANY topic and are looking for these show genres: Music & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Motivational and Inspiration, Self-Help, How to, and anything new and interesting.



All our hosts usually have Internet radio experience. Hosts are chosen by committee. Please be advised that we consider everyone carefully.


If you have a great show idea and want to be part of our network, send us the following for review:

  • a show host bio
  • your show idea via a short 25 word show description
  • your contact information.

Send this information via click here and fill out simple form put "NEW SHOW IDEA" in the Subject line. After our committee evaluation and approval, we will contact you and forward you an information packet and contract.



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