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About Biz Help 101

Biz Help 101 is a community for small business owners and entrepreneurs to share, learn, discuss, strategize and get guidance on Best Practices so that they can take informed decisions.

In short, ask your questions and get your answers to manage your business better

Our members also get several benefits including WHOLESALE pricing on products, services, discounts and opportunities to network with fellow members and potentially do business with each other.

What is it?

Biz Help 101 is a platform dedicated to the community of go-getters who want to increase their reach in the community. This is a place to build relationships with the right people over the long-term, so if you are looking for a quick referral or sale this is not the place for you. 


Who We Are

Our members are high quality business owners, entrepreneurs, and service professionals who want to meet and connect with other like-minded people.


Core Values

  1. Authenticity: Be yourself and you will attract the right people into your life/network. 
  2. Connect: Communicate: Find ways to connect with people on a deeper level so that you can truly understand them and their goals. 
  3. Give more than you take: Find ways to inject value, without expectations of receiving.
  4. Be personal: Great things happen when you connect with people on a personal level. Let people really know you instead of being just another business card at a networking event. 



  1. Connect with other high-quality people
  2. Access to exclusive networking events
  3. Find unique opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and even sell or product or service
  4. Stay in the loop on events and happenings in the local business community