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We have professional artist that can design your logos, layouts, printing and any promotional artwork.  Collectively Phat X has 80 years of experience in marketing and promotions and can design your marketing and/or campaign.  Our art department has photographers, personalized artwork and  pictures that will enhanced your typesetting to build a promotion, or presentation that will generate sales or the impact you desire you want and need.  Phat X design team can deisgn your CD/DVD covers, Flyers, Posters, Stationery, letter head and more...


Your voice. Your personality. And most important, a unifying concept that invokes the emotional and rational reasons your customers love you.

Our Creative brings strategic thinking to life and translates to more breakthroughs for your business. We create work that solves problems, answers questions and motivates your customers to take action.


  • Brand identity: naming, logo design, taglines, graphic standards
  • Interactive
    • Website
    • Banners
    • Microsites
    • Landing pages
    • HTML emails
  • Print: advertising, collateral, sales training, outdoor
  • Direct mail
  • Broadcast/video/audio/multimedia
  • Promotions and POP
  • Full-service production


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