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Kingdom Business is our way to build the kingdom through business ownership.  We have develop a resource that aids churches and ministries ways to raise funds to build your finances to go into all the earth.  Kingdom Business is a program of and CEO Brian Cochran.

What we need from you:

  • Kingdom Builders is designed to that you as the pastor will not have to participate yourself, assign a point person that we do special training so that they are your representive.  
  • Your church is the location that is the head of your organization and all of your Independent Business Owners' (IBO's) are under your church or you personally.
  • We need your location to host weekly classes for training.
  • We need you to get behind and promote Kingdom Business program to your congregation.

For Your Participation

  • Your church receives commissions and overrides from all your location's participating Kingdom builders sales.
  • Your church receives commissions from paid seminars, ads in our business directories generated from your location.
  • You will receive overrides for referring other participating locations (ie. churches, nonprofits).


How Do We Get Started?

In order to track your participants we need you to first register.  When you have registered choose your church or ministry name as you username (no spaces please). You will be asked a referral name please put brianac

What will happen when we start hosting the program, when participants will be asked to do the same and register and it's ask them referral name we will give them your username so that you will get the credit for those that register for the program.  

We will pay you your overrides once a month after participants start selling and purchacing products and services.  You will be able to track those under you in our backroom area where you have access.  

Cost to participate: 


To get started click below and register.

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