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Kingdom Business Program is the perfect outreach program for both churches and Non-profit organizations.  
Are you looking for a way to reach your community with an economic solution that will help your organization grow.  
Kingdom Business Program is here to help you grow and expand your ministry and non-profit. Give your community more than just a handout or a meal, but teach them how to fish (by starting their own homebased business).
The Concept
The bible tells us to help those that are need, and the Kingdom Business Program is geared for those that are homeless, out of prision, unemployed, working poor, youth, and so get a fresh start through Entrepreneurship. As an outreach program, Kingdom Business will help them to start there own online business and become plugged into your church.  By sowing into their lives, you can begin to assimilate these people into you membership.  
The way Kingdom Business Program is also designed when these participants generate income you also receive an overide. Members that participate in Kingdom Business Program will use this program to go into the community and reach out to those who need our program and they will start to build a team that they will oversee, in the business and disciple into the Lord.  

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