"Turning Customers into Fans, and Fans into Customers" 


About iMusicBoss.com

iMusic Boss, was conceived, developed and hosted by business developer, marketing and promotion specialist CEO Dr. Brian Cochran, serves to be an  ‘information freeway’ for singers, musicians, instrumentalists, song writers, music managers, music entrepreneurs… anyone who is involved in the music business. This site provides useful and timely resources, articles and other information that will aid you as you learn and carve a way for yourself in the business.

I have been in the entertainment industry since 1975 producing parties, concerts, plays and more.  Back in those times the music business was different from today artist had time to develop their music and weren't rushed to market.  In promoting concerts and nightclubs I saw there was a need for independent artists to get help in the development of their companies and projects. 
From 1976 to 2001 I as a club and radio DJ I worked with bands and recording artist and saw where they succeed and failed from performances, shows, on stage and off.  I saw where artist manages, labels were taking advantage of artists and it bothered me. 
In the 80's I was what was called a Billboard reporter, where I would send in a weekly report on the songs that I thought were the top 10 and most improved or future picks.  As a reporter I learned how important club and mobile djs are to artist and breaking artists and playing new music.
In 2003, I opened several retail music stores and there I got my experience in retail sales, distribution and artist development.  Our stores were Billboard/Sound Scan reporting stores and I learned how songs hit songs were really made.
I read a article in Billboard magazine about a new startup shareware download company called Napster.  After reading that article I was the end of the entertainment music business as we new it.  I also discover that it would open the door for independents to now have a more even playing field.
My 30 years business developer most businesses fail for lack of knowledge.  Like artists TLC, Hammer, and many others.  The number one and biggest thing I would hear from both Major label and independents was I'm just an artist and I want to create or play music, not understanding that there is a business side to making music.
"It takes Teamwork to Make a Dream Work"- I have developed a team of professionals that can and will aid you in the business of making and selling music.
iMusicBiz.com is here to point you in the direction of useful resources to help you build your own career and music business.
"Turning Customers into Fans, and Fans into Customers" 
Resources for Independent Artists to help them develop and grow their music business


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