Here is what’s included in the iMusic Boss Music Business membership and what you need to know to get started NOW.
The iMusic Boss is not just an online community. It is a complete set of peofessional coaches, forms, how to resources, education, information and instructions for you. This music business membership, one-stop and tools provide easy-to-understand guidance to help new and established label executives manage their companies and releases. Whether you are putting out your own album or starting a record label with several artists, iMusic Boss will help you achieve your goals.
With your iMusic Boss membership we feature easy to use tools and instruction for you to:
  • Create in-depth business and music marketing plans using customizable templates
  • Digital Download Center
  • Develop and stick to project release schedules
  • Identify best-fit distribution partners and work effectively with them
  • Maintain accountability and progress of employees and consultants
  • Register product with sales and radio monitoring services, copyright office and tracking systems such as BDS, Mediabase, Mediaguide, SoundScan, StreetPulse, Form SR, Form PA, UPC, ISRC
  • iMusic Boss Distribution- Added to our online store
  • Your Song is Added to our internet radio network and will get Interviewed on the station.
  • You will be featured as new artist of the week and you information will be sent out through our e-list.
  • Evaluate staffing needs, if any, for your company and formation options (deal type and legal structure)
  • Identify business opportunities and revenue streams
  • Access valuable resources including lists of distributors, music industry conferences and companies that provide services and tools for indie musicians and labels
  • More…

Membership Benefits

  • Save time and money.  Avoid making the same mistakes most indies make
  • Have all the tools, information and resources you need in one place
  • Organize and execute your business
  • Learn about technologies, opportunities and industry trends
  • Become an informed, knowledgeable musician
  • More…
 Our One-Stop Resources...
  • Label Organization
  • Revenue Streams
  • Business Plan
  • Recording and A&R
  • Artwork, Manufacturing and Inventory
  • Distribution, Sales and Retail
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Radio Marketing
  • Release Schedule
  • Royalties
  • Asset Protection- Inorporations
  • Accounting & Booking
  • Intellectual Property - Trademarks and Publishing
  • Fundraising  Resources
  •  Booking Agency
  • Music Industry Directory
iMusic Boss offers 4 memberships with many benefits. 
 We have various benefits that will save you money and
build your music business.
iMusic Boss is a program developed by Biz Help 101 and Phat X, Inc.







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