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Biz Help 101 has develop Diverse Marketing™ our Turnkey one of a kind program gives you the options on what type of business(es) to choose from.  As an Biz Help Member you have access to become one or more Industry specialities.  You are limited to your ability to learn and build.  This powerful program is for those that would like to start a business but don't know what kind.  

You can generate multipule streams of income.  We have set up special portals based on the Industry and you can learn about each career path.    We believe that as you grow your client base you will be able to sell them other products and services.  The powerful thing about Diverse Marketing™ is that as an IBO there is active and passive income steams.  Biz Help 101 has set up Diverse Marketing™ program so that concentrate on your passion and and you will generate another stream of income passively.  

Who Says Making Money Online has to be Difficult?

Here's The Real Truth: It Doesn't!

Making money online. It's what many people just like yourself want to achieve…but very few actually succeed at doing.


Because taking the typical routes like blogging, building software, creating online products, offering online services and more can simply be way TOO complicated and time consuming!

Let's face it…making money online involves WAY too many moving parts. You have to know how to setup a website. You have to know how to design it. You have to have something like a service or product you can sell.

Oh yeah…then you have to know how to actually market what you sell to the right online audience who may want to purchase from you.

To Put it Simply, it can take a LOT of hard work and a LOT of luck to be Successful Online

But does making money online really have to be this difficult?

The honest answer is NO, it doesn't.

YOU CAN NOW MAKE $100s a Week selling high demand services... which you never have to touch… Start accepting sales in minutes.

It's Not Rocket Science…

It really comes down to these 3 critical components....




In order to make money online, you have to sell a product or service that people actually want... better still, a product or service they need and are hungry to buy.

If you get this wrong, no matter how pretty a website you create, and how much traffic you throw at it... you wont make any money.


Once you have identified the product or service you're going to sell to your hungry market, you need a platform to sell it on. What I mean is: You'll need your own website or online storefront... and it needs to look good, as well as being highly functional at the same time.

By making it easy and enticing for people to buy, you increase your chances of making even more sales & profit.

And Lastly…

Once you have your product or service setup on your platform, it's time to market what you have to sell to your target audience. These are the exact people who will most likely want to purchase from you.

Putting your product or service in front of them is critical to your success.

That's it...

When you can do 1, 2 & 3 above successfully, you'll open up the FLOODGATES to big time profits.

How to...
Create Passive Income for yourself… Fast

Would you like the type of income that will allow you to ditch your dead-end 9-5 job, let you work anywhere in the world you wish, and put you in full control of your own income and personal freedom?

So, Instead of trading hours for dollars, you'll build something once (In minutes) and get paid for it over and over again…even while you sleep.

So What's Really Stopping You From Making Passive Income Online?

More than likely where you're stuck is either knowing what you should sell, or knowing how to actually setup and market your own online store or website.

When you try to figure out all of these things yourself, it can take a lot of time and effort, and luck to get it all right.

But the good news is... we've created a revolutionary new software that will create a complete website where you can sell a service that all kinds of people from all kinds of businesses are desperate to buy!


Complete 'Done For You' Business In The Box is the first Complete Business services platform to open up this unique high demand opportunity…

We've capitalised on several huge evergreen markets and put it in one place…

  • 100% 'Newbie Friendly'
  • A Complete Pre-configured business online and making you money in minutes...
  • And the best part is... You Don't do Any of The Work!


How To Start Your Dream

Full Business In The Box

 Full training, and support.

Includes your own Independent Business Owner Website, Ecommerce, Blog, Articles and much more...

Listed below are some of the many industry options available through Biz Help 101.

Biz Help 101 Memberships

Ladies Defense Products

Photography Service

Business Consultant

Internet Broadcasting Stations (Radio & IPTV)

Mobile App business

Music Business Consultant

Business & Personal - loans and Credit

Social Media Specialist

Fashion- Beauty, Purses, Handbags, and Accessories

Corporation set up

Merchant (Credit Card) Processing

Internet Hosting, Domain Names

Marketing Consultant

Business startup

Internet Ecommerce’s

Motivational Speaker

Furniture Business

Real Estate Investor

Non-profit Development

Author & Book Publisher

Web Design

Life, Business, & Spiritual Coach

Event Planner

Advertising Agency

Video & Audio Producers

Product Developer

Business Insurance

Legal Services

Printing Broker

Credit Repair Service

Screen Printer

Sign Company

Online School

CD Duplication and Replication service

Ticket Service

Sales- Internet Radio, TV Ads, Web Banner, e-Blast Service

Web Conference System


ATVB Media Streamer

800 Numbers, Virtual Assistant Services

Pro Sound & Lighting Sales & Rentals

Product Distribution & Logistics

Inventors- Trademark, Patient, copyright Service

Trainer, Teacher

Booking Agency- Entertainment, Speakers and more

Business Broker

And much more…