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The Christian Business 360 is an organization that is impacting the marketing place and Christian business culture, by focusing on the moral and ethical standards of today’s workplace. We understand that there is a great need to see godly principles reinstated in the practice of business principles. We feel called to use these godly principles in their business affairs and encourage others to do the same. We believe that righteousness, justice and fairness need to be upheld in our communities, our cities, our nation and throughout the world.


Discipleship with Christian Business 360

Businessmen meet for informal peer level fellowship and discussion of Scriptural answers for today’s business questions. Men receive counsel, encouragement, and prayer.

Currently, plans are underway to begin networking events via the Internet for those who do not have a local meeting in their area or whose schedule will not permit them to participate in a structured meeting.

The Christian Business 360 also conducts formal weekly and monthly gatherings of members and guests. These meetings are open to the general public as well as members. This, combined with retreats, get-a-ways, and conferences, give Christian Business 360 a considerable team to effect our nation.

Evangelism with Christian Business 360

The Christian Business 360 believes that not only is it important to introduce businessmen to Jesus Christ, but it is also of key importance to teach them how to use the tools and resources they have been given to reach out to others.

It is not solely the job of the pastor or priest to reach the hurting. All of us are equipped with something we can use or give to further the commission given to us. In fact, the businessman can do more than the church to reach those who do not know Christ. They encounter open doors every single day to reach the hopeless and the hurting.

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