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CB 360 Small Group

A CB360 Small Group is a network of independent groups in a town, city or region, working together to spread the message of Kingdom and Recycling Christian Dollars back into the church. Christian Business 360 help to educate churches, parishioners and the public on the marketplace of Christian owned businesses. While creating resources and building a stronger Christian community, that will help people to understand the importance and the value of Recycle Christian Dollars. The intent of Christian Business 360 in building these Chapters is not to compete with existing organizations but to join with them, enabling people and churches that have worked separately in the past to come together into a more unified force to make change in the church.

What CB 360 Small Group Do?

Small Business Group members gather regularly to encourage and equip each other to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and their businesses.

  • By providing an environment of accountability, authenticity, and shared wisdom, members learn to apply biblical principles in every area of their lives. The result: transformed leaders and business owners impacting their companies, cities, and world.
  • Groups use social event programming, also web-based platforms, and other support offered by Christian Business 360 to introduce people to a kingdom lifestyle and to recruit new members.
  • CB 360 Small Groups build community within their local group memberships through a social networking website, known as and site portals, which includes functionality similar to that of websites like Facebook and Meetup. Each Small Group site includes a community wall called “My Feeds”, private Instant messenger, and the ability to upload photos and videos, a calendar, a directory of resources, you own (IBO) Independent Business Owner Website, access to our digital library, How to section and access to a video­-based content stream.
  • Small Groups events include Christian Business 360, seminars, webinars, networking events, workshops, boot camps, conferences, bible studies and anything else of interest to our members.
  • In addition, the members of a CB 360 small group are encouraged to come together for the development of strategies that impact their whole community. These strategies may include initiatives developed and implemented in partnership with related businesses and member churches.


On BAC TV and Radio Network, Christian Business 360 TV broadcasts a stream of video-­based content to educate and inspire, and to foster innovation across its Chapter community. Christian Business 360 TV produces video content, while also encouraging CB Small Group members to upload their own videos. CB 360 TV videos include:

  • Your small group will have access to hosting their own show(s) on both our Radio and TV Network.
  • Live and on demand videos on topics connected to the message of Kingdom building, Christian related content and business related subjects.
  • Spirituality, Personal development, health and many other how-­to videos based on our membership.
  • Interviews and highlight videos of small group innovations and successes, so that these examples can inspire similar efforts by other groups.
  • CB 360 Small Group­-specific content targeted to local CB 360 members.

Christian Business 360 Activism

The Christian Business 360 organization includes a national platform for Recycling Christian dollars. Recycling Christian dollars will encourage activism within its Chapter community through initiatives such as:

  • Enlightening the body of Christ on the importance to support the Kingdom first. Our Jewish brothers have given us an example of recycling their finances within their community, they will primarily shop and support the Jewish community and this is one of the main reasons that as a community they are successful. As a last resort they will spend money outside of their community. So our plan is to enlighten the church on the concept and make Recycling Christian dollars a movement not just a program. Through educating the body of Christ to support Christian owned business and those businesses are connected to a local church where they sow into those churches and the cycle continues where the parishioners are blessed by sowing into the kingdom and so on… As the business grows they will intern will need more employees, which will be hired within the Christian community, which intern sow into the church and will also support Christian owned businesses.  
  • Recycling Christian Dollars Campaign, which seeks to replicate in each state throughout the body of Christ. The goal is to encourage churches across the country to acknowledge the truth of marketplace ministry.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship program- to help teens to look at entrepreneurship as a viable career option for employment.
  • Our Kingdom Building program- Designed to educate pastors the importance of Marketplace ministry. Educate the parishioners the importance of Recycling Christian Dollars, and Christian Owned businesses their role in kingdom building and providing service and products with excellence.  


Church Involvement

Our goal is to host a Christian Business 360 Small Group with every church. Our program is designed to be a small group within the church and we have resources to help make disciples, business start up and growth. Marketplace ministry is biblical and having an army of Kingdom builders will aid your organization in the great commission.

Our Recycling Christian Dollars will bring cash flow back and with this anointed program keep the finances with the kingdom.

We know that pastors are busy, so as part of the design we will empower business owner from your congregation to be your ministry head. We will train, and support both online and offline to ensure the success of this program.


We offer the following:

  • Masters for promoting with your church
  • Various Bible studies
  • Various business related courses for startup and ongoing training
  • Networking events
  • Discounts on all of our ministry products and resources
  • Section in our Recycle Christian Dollars Magazine
    • Your church is the head of your chapter, you will be listed as such and under your church will be the list of businesses that are in your chapter.


Business Owner

We are looking for people that would be interested in leading a Christian Business 360 Chapter.  If you are a leader that have the anointing, time and a location to host Christian Business 360 Chapter, we need you.  Our goal is to have chapters all around the world.  We are also looking for those that would like to be the leader within you church.  The goal is not to put more on our pastors, but we as leaders help with building the Kingdom of God.  So, you would beocme the point person at your church.


  • Must be a born again believer
  • Should have an entrepreneurship calling
  • Should be connected to a local church
  • Should have a pastors heart
  • Must be a servant
  • Must have a desire to disciple others

If this is you and you would like to take on the responsibility of a Christian Business 360 Chapter, please click on the banner below and we will be in-touch.

Cost to get involved

There is not cost for you as a church to get involved with Christian Business 360. Again the goal is to help and be a blessing to your ministry. As a matter fact we will be sowing into your ministry.


To get started click on the banner below and fill out the simple form and one of our specialist will be in touch.


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