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Brian Cochran, D.M., Christian Business 360 founder, announces that Christian Business 360 2.0 is here!  Join the exciting, new Christian Business 360 community. Connect with like-minded brothers & sisters of the faith to discuss Kingdom Business! And what are some of the benefits of joining? Well, perhaps the greatest one is the connection to like-minded business people. Our main differentiator is that we operate under a prophetic covering to discern the times so that we as Kingdom Business people can walk out our callings with confidence, faith, and power. Below are more benefits to consider.

In pursuit of Christ’s eternal objectives, we equip and encourage Christian business leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives in accordance with Biblical principles.


To become the connecting link, between Christian owned businesses, Christian professional men and women and the organized Church of Jesus Christ WITHOUT REGARD TO DENOMINATION, so that together we can win the lost and disciple them into the Kingdom of God.

To train, equip and nurture Christian business owners and managers to reach their full potential and destiny that God has ordained for them, in and through their businesses as follows:

  1. Excellence in business operation
  2. Networking
  3. Pastoring their businesses
  4. Reaching out to their customers
  5. Recognition that their business is their full time ministry
  6. Preparing the marketplace for revival
  7. Giving, 1st tithes to local church, then offerings to every good work
  8. Achieving – Reaching our purpose in Christ
  9. Cooperation with Churches
  10. Recruiting others to join us.

Christian Business 360 is non-denominational marketplace develoment ministry, network and institute.  Through it, Christian business owners and leaders have the opportunity to come together for networking and fellowship. 

Transforming the world through Christ, one company leader at a time.

At our events we feature both guest speakers and our team of professionals  discuss topics to help us maintain Christian values in the marketplace. Come and make new connections with others that share similar values.  

The Christian Business 360 is seeking to further equip Christians in the marketplace and become a relationship-based networking and mentoring association. The Network will be a platform to connect individual entrepreneurs, kingdom business persons, and marketplace leaders within an associative network that allows for accountability, idea exchange, networking, and mutual prayer support. The Network will also have national leaders teaching, mentoring, and providing spiritual oversight.
The Christian Business 360 is a great place to connect if you are a business person seeking to grow in your abilities and understanding of how business is conducted from a kingdom-of-God perspective. It is also a unique place to network with others with like minds and similar values for both relational and business purposes and receive mentoring from more experienced Christian business persons.
The Christian Business 360 has already had an overwhelming response, and we are excited as the Association continues to develop. 
Features and Benefits of the Christian Business 360

  • Christian Business 360 Members have a website designed specifically to teach and to foster the networking and mentoring sections of the Christian Business 360.
  • Christian Business 360 Exclusive Webinars are a highlight for our membership, where members attend at no additional cost.
  • Powerful conferences featuring prophetic world-changing marketplace leaders

Core Values

What sets CB360 apart? Our members are dedicated to developing their companies with a Kingdom-minded set of core values:

  • God is the Owner, we are stewards of His companies

  • The Bible is the ultimate authority for life and business

  • Prayer is the lifeblood of our relationship with the Owner

  • We are CALLED to work/ministry , Living a fully integrated, balanced life is a biblical mandate

  • Integrity is a non-negotiable essential

  • Commitment to Excellence is a hallmark of a Christian in business

  • Community is a key to walking with Christ

  • Being relevant to our time and culture is crucial to our impact

  • Focus on building the Kingdom of God takes priority over building any organization


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