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Christian Business 360 Sales Program

Imagine building a business that your company generate sales without the expense of a sales staff.  No workman's compensation insurance, payroll, and so on… 

We realized that most small businesses have the same challenges:

1.     Can’t afford a sales staff

2.     Don’t have an understanding how to sell online

3.     Don’t have a brick n mortar store and even if they do, don’t know how to drive traffic to their door.

Christian Business 360 understand and has developed a program called “Recycle Christian Dollars” (RCD).  In short, our RCD program has various solutions for you as a Christian owned business.  Our goal is to drive business to your cash register and bottom line.  RCD has a business directory, and we have an online store.

Christian Business 360 (RCD) is the Salesforce and one of your Marketing arms for you.  We understand how hard it is to setup a sales staff if you are just getting started in business.  
Christian Business 360 is a Direct Sales/Affiliate program and what that means to is that the members are actively selling products and the services.  This powerful salesforce makes their income by selling products like yours and receive commissions and residual income in doing so.  


CB 360 Sales Program


Christian Business 360 offers 1 basic program for you to sell your product(s):

Retail Sales- By promoting through their websites with our banner links they are paid commissions on what is sold.  Their links have a code that tells our system the sale comes from them, and they get paid and you get paid for your product or service.  CB 360's commission is $15% for all sale through our retail sales program.

  Our sales program is designed to help connect you as a product owner to our members Just like COSCO and SAMS Club.


 Recycle Christian Dollars moto “Keeping It In The Kingdom” which means that we will be promoting in Christendom with are aim to support Christian Business first, second and third.

Christian Business 360 has a retail e-commerce’s site called Big Phat Savings where members depending on the membership is able to add their product to our store for resell. 

Other Site is Recycle Christian Dollars that host our e-commerce site and business directory.

For more details about our premiere program click here


  As a Christian Business 360 member you will also be able to have your own website that includes a eCommerce’s store.

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