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For years Christian Business 360 has been a movement of God in the marketplace to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the 21st Century we believe marketplace ministry will play an even more important role in world Christian missions. Today there are men and women in every major marketplace city who are also Christ-followers.  Christian Business 360 is actively inviting these business and professionals to hear their call to live and present their faith right where they are, in their workplace.

Jesus told His disciples that “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.”  Christian Business 360 is about presenting the Gospel as well as calling the laborers to join the harvest, God’s harvest of souls.

Please review each of our three (3) initiatives to see what important work God is doing through Christian Business 360. You are cordially invited to join this work through your prayers, personal involvement and financial support.

Initiative One: Communicate the Gospel and Christian Business 360 Story to the World

As a global Christian ministry, Christian Business 360 has always been in the communications business. We continually communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the marketplace, and help other business and professional men and women live and present their faith — where they live and work.The marketplace is constantly changing—adding new technologies and tools in an ever-demanding need to keep up and advance business. We desire to meet the challenge head-on as well.  A powerful communications tool will be our Annual Ministry Report. This eye-catching, professional tool will highlight each global ministry and the worldwide activities of Christian Business 360.  This report will help inform, motivate and recruit new business and professionals to Christian Business 360. It will clearly communicate the unique mission of Christian Business 360 ministry.  You can help support this important and vital Christian Business 360 initiative with your prayers and financial support.  Will you help us communicate the Gospel and the Christian Business 360 story to the world?

Initiative Two: Build Healthy and Vital Christian Business 360 Teams

Christian Business 360 has learned that there are a few identifiable “best practices” which have a huge impact when adopted by teams and National Associations in North America. What if we could develop these practices and train our regional and country leaders in how to use them? This is the goal of this strategic initiative.

We start by identifying the best practices used by our strongest Christian Business 360 groups. Then working through the regional and national leaders, we help them adopt those practices that will work best in their city and country. By relying on regional leaders and their expertise, we get better results. Ultimately our goal is to reach more people in the marketplace for Christ—and continually improve every aspect of ministry operations.

One of the most effective ways to communicate and integrate Christian Business 360 best practices is through local, regional and national training conferences.

Initiative Three: Recruit and Develop Future Leaders

Future leaders are the future of Christian Business 360 ! The Gospel Woldwide Leadership Team (GWLT) is a group of Christian Business 360 leaders from around the world who have shown the unique strengths and characteristics of leadership and team-building. They have the greatest potential to impact our ministry. Investing in these leaders has the dual benefit of strengthening our ministry today through collaboration and sharing best practices.

These men and women will carry on the role of developing the leaders of tomorrow. Our plan is to mix the seasoned leaders with our younger leaders to share ideas in workshops and plan collaborative activities together.

 Christian Business 360 International has the sole responsibility of selecting the Global Leadership Team, planning and leading their meetings and funding these activities.

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