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Do you see a man diligent and skillful in his business? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. ~Proverbs 22:29 Amplified Bible
Networking is more than just shaking hands and passing out cards....
it's about Kingdom Building, relationships and community. 

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Christian Business 360 is a Kingdom Building company that uses various programs to help Christians to start and grow their businesses. These Anointed Programs are geared to promote the success of Christian-owned Businesses by rewarding their customers with unique benefits and prizes for their support. Our networking events both online and offline will help the business owners in the B2B arena and through our TV and Radio network B2C.

We’re constantly improving our ministry to fulfill the great commission and our destiny.

With Christian Business 360 Everyone Wins!

Consumers WIN! Consumers get exciting Member Benefits  & Cool Prizes when they join Christian Business 360 and start supporting Christian-owned Businesses.
Businesses WIN! Christian-owned Businesses can promote their business and reward new and existing customers when they join Christian Business 360 Today!
Communities WIN! We sow a percentage of our revenue to Churches & Nonprofits that join Christian Business 360 as part of our Kingdom Building Program. We as well offer programs to help build entrepreneurs to those in the kingdom and in the community.

The Kingdom


For both Consumers and Business are goal is to Recycle Christian Dollars for helping to financially build the kingdom and as a witness in the marketplace to make disciples as well.

Christian Business 360

is a business-to-business networking platform that connects buyers and suppliers, enabling enterprises to grow, whatever their size. Expand your network of available customers, suppliers or small businesses, and partners. Ustilize CB 360 to grow your Firm and Faith.

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