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What is BAC TV Network?

BAC Radio and TV Network is a TV AS A SERVICE... think of it as an INBOUND MARKETING TOOL for your business. It is a live TV creation, scheduling and broadcasting platform. It provides any individual or organization with easy-to-use tools to create linear TV channels with scheduled shows, which can broadcast in real time on the creator's own website and on BAC TV Network.

Watch Radio and TV online for free! BAC Radio and TV Network also provides viewers with a 24/7 broadcast both live Radio, TV & VOD (Video On Demand) channels, created by people from around the world. We stream TV to more than 160 countries!

BAC TV is a New Radio and Internet TV platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to become a producer of their very own online TV or Radio channel. With BAC Network, onwer can quickly and easily create a continuous 24/7 broadcast with content they choose from playlist, hosts content as well. Introducing an entirely new way to reach your audience, gain new fans, and produce a channel you love. Share your channel, connect with others, post messages, collaborate with talented producers and viewers, and watch something new every day. The possibilities are endless with BAC Radio and TV Network.


Solution For Businesses

Transform your daily visitors into fans. Add your channel to your website! BAC Radio and TV Network’s goal is to assist businesses and organizations in engaging first-time visitors that come to their site and turning them into repeat users. Our platform empowers you to entertain, educate and engage your audience with your own custom 24/7 streaming channel. Doctors can create channels about wellness and healthy living; clothing boutiques can make fashion channels; restaurants of all kinds can make food and culture-related channels. There is virtually limitless possibility to find a niche-related topic.
BAC Radio and TV Network allows for easy channel embedding on any site. While all the behind the scenes scheduling work can be done directly on the BAC Radio and TV Network platform, the channel can broadcast directly on your site. Promote your products and services to your customers by adding your own content and commercials into the channel programming.
Entertain and engage your community and keep your visitors coming back.


Want to know what makes BAC Radio and TV Network the best online platform? The broadcast is made by people like you! Also, it is completely free for viewers. From any device at any hour of the day, you can get inspired, be entertained, and enjoy streaming video shows. There is always something on. You may also use our video-on-demand for our TV station and Auto DJ for our radio station,  feature to watch and listen any show of your choice at a later time. This is truly listening and watching on your own terms. Welcome to BAC Radio and TV Network.

Create Channel

You’ve dreamed of the day you’d have the chance to run your very own station Well, here’s your chance. BAC Radio and TV Network is a complete service where you take the reigns on your very own channel. In just a few minutes, your new channel will be ready to go. To begin, simply sign up and fill out a short form with your channel name, channel description and upload a familiar avatar for your fans to find you!


Upload, Schedule, and go Live- BAC TV Autostream is what you need. With this application, you can create a playlist by simply adding YouTube links, upload video files and / or website urls and live stream the playlist 24X7 across your social media accounts seamlessly.

BAC Radio Station offers live and our Auto DJ that gives you the ability to go live when and where you want and when you are not live our Auto DJ solution will air all your pre-programmed content including commericals and drops.

Adding content and scheduling your broadcasts couldn't be easier. Say goodbye to long upload and download times. We have created a quick and simple way to resource a virtually unlimited selection of content from the top video providers on the web. In seconds, your channel will be populated with content of your choice.


Scheduling content for your channel is as easy as 1-2-3. Begin by going to your “Production Studio”. Then, choose a day and time to begin your broadcast before selecting videos you and your fans love. Your content can be original or borrowed. It’s completely up to you! Just remember, millions are watching and it’s your time to shine. After scheduling your broadcast, be sure to promote your channel on your favorite social media sites. Let the world know about you. Stay tuned for new features like live broadcasting and video conferencing from anywhere in the world on any device. We can’t wait to be a part of your success.

Pay Per View Capabilities For Your TV Channel

BAC TV & Radio Network’s robust pay per view capabilities can be fully integrated into your Channel to allow you to either charge for live content or charge for previously broadcasted content.

 Go Live

With a BAC TV Station you have the option to go live at any time from a computer, laptop or smartphone. From news Interviews to in studio productions you are in control.

Station and Show Distribution

Set Top Boxes & Smart TVs: Broadcasting our content through Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome Cast, Roku, Set Top Boxes and Samsung, Apple TV, Sony, LP, and more Smart TV sets.

Social Media: An important way to grow your user base is through social media. BAC TV Network will be live streamed through most of the major social media outlets like- YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Websites:  As a BAC Radio and TV Network partner you will have your own station to broadcast your content and sell website advertising. Also, as a BAC station owner your station will be added to our network station directory. 

BAC Network App:  We will have our BAC Radio and TV Network app that will be available on both IOs (Apple), Android, Samung ant other app stores.




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