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Christian Business 360 has a mission to Recycle Christian Dollars back into the Kingdom. Our assignment is to aid in the economic development of the Christian community by encouraging support of Christian Businesses in the marketplace.

Recycling Christian Dollars teams with small and medium businesses, organizations, churches, and large corporations in an effort to encourage vending and contract opportunities for Christian businesses.

Recycling Christian Dollars is also committed to providing ongoing training and advocacy with seminars, webinars, conferences, and town hall meetings for advancement of marketplace ministry of the importance of Recycling Christian Dollars.

The Challenge


The formula for recycling community dollars has seemingly been mastered in certain ethnic communities such as in our Jewish and Asian. In the Christian community we have not been a part of recycling our dollars.

Instead of our dollars go to supporting Christian owned businesses it goes to the world for the most part. We have found that in more times than not most parishioners have any idea there are Christian businesses within their congregations.


There is a general lack of understanding of Marketplace ministry. Scriptures tells us the people parish for the lack of knowledge.   Refusing to recycle the dollar is a choice that continues to quietly sabotage the improvement of the Christian community, its economic power and future.


Another challenge is that a lot of Christian owned business owners know that they are managers of Gods business and it should and must be used for the kingdom. In some cases, Christian entrepreneurs believe that the business and its finances belong to themselves. Primarily for the lack of knowledge of being a Kingdom builder and their purpose as a Christian Business owner. We have found that because of the lack of teaching about marketplace ministry in the local church contributes to the ignorance of owners. 

If we never learn the value of supporting of Christian-owned businesses and marketplace ministry, we will continue to loose out on opportunities to help build the Kingdom of God.



How it works!


 Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in the kingdom of God. By recycling within the Christian community helps to do so.


When the church supports a local Christian owned business, they in-turn tithe and give to the church they belong. The church member that supports the local Christian owned business is helping support the kingdom. They also will be provided superior service because that business is providing service for the King. Our money stays longer in the kingdom where it will do the most good.  

Just imagine if the church knew that they have an opportunity to help build the kingdom by supporting Christian owned businesses.


However, the only way Christian businesses can improve is if they attract more consumers. The only way to provide more jobs for the community is if they patronize local businesses. The wealth of a community depends upon how many times money circulates or recycles within the community. 


One of the spiritual gifts is the gift of giving and Christian entrepreneurs will be enlightened on that gift and their purpose, and use their income to help sow into the kingdom.


The Plan


Through our business network called Christian Business 360 has developed a strategy for the body of Christ and it goes as follows:


  1. Recycling Christian Dollars 
    1. Customers Incentive Cards- Show their cards a point of purchase (both online and offline) and receive a discount.
    2. Cross promotions
      • Scavenger Hunts
      • Cross promotions website banner adds
    3. Community and Church Marketplaces
    4. Bazaars, Flea market, Street fairs and so on…


  1. Recycling Christian Dollars Education and Advocacy
    • Town-hall meetings
    • Bible studies within the local church on Kingdom building for parishioners.
    • Bible studies for business owners
    • Entrepreneurship training course
    • Seminars, conferences and web-conferences.


  1. Recycling Christian Dollars Magazine (Online and offline)
    1. Will feature participating churches, and businesses
    2. Marketplace Directory- Listed will be businesses, churches, and ministries
    3. Articles on
      • Marketplace ministry
      • Church, mission and ministry


  1. BAC Internet Radio and TV Network
    1. Giving both businesses and the church a vehicle to promote both the gospel and their business.
    2. Interviews
      • Pastors, business owners, church leaders, and advocates…
    3. Business & Community Forum

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