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Through our business association and network called Christian Business 360 has developed several marketing and promotion strategies to help you grow your buisness.


Recycling Christian Dollars 
  • Customers Incentive Cards- Show their cards a point of purchase (both online and offline) and receive a discount.
  • Cross promotions
    • Scavenger Hunts
    • Cross promotions website banner adds
  • Community and Church Marketplaces
  • Recycle Christian Dollars Seal- To be placed on brick and mortar and online businesses 
  • Bazaars, Flea market, Street fairs and so on…

Christian Business 360 Online Directories
  • We host two directories to our members one on our community of websites and on Facebook.com

Recycling Christian Dollars Magazine

Will feature participating churches, and businesses

  • Online Business Directory ( Both our website and our FaceBook Fanpage directories) 
  • Discounts
  •  Insightful articles and Interviews
  •  Distributed through Participating locations, distribution list and churches
  •  FREE quarterly publication 
  • Marketplace Directory- Listed will be businesses, churches, and ministries
BAC Internet Radio and TV Network
  • Giving both businesses and the church a vehicle to promote both the gospel and their business.
  • Interviews- Pastors, business owners, church leaders, and advocates…
  • Business & Community Forum

      BAC Compilation Music CD

  • 14 Songs from artist that are part of iMusic Boss and BACRadio.com 
  • Distributed through Participating locations, distribution list and churches
  • FREE quarterly CD Mix

     Christian Business 360 Mobile APP

       Our mobile app will feature

  • Business directory
  • Christian Business 360 member store
  • Daily deals