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Marketing Automation

Increase your sales by sending the right message, to the right customer, at the right time

Target the right segment

No matter how many customers and subscribers you have on your system, you can easily target the right segment with Biz Help 101 Marketing Automation.

Quick and easy integration

Integrating Biz Help 101 Marketing Automation to your website or application takes only a few minutes. It's as easy as adding Google Analytics code to your website.

  • The ideal marketing tool for e-commerce businesses

    Easily target customers who are slipping away, or customers who have forgotten an item on their shopping cart, or customers who have purchased a specific product, or customers who have purchased items valued higher than a specific amount, or customers who have visited a specific product page...

The ideal marketing tool for SaaS businesses

Target your users who haven't seen for a while, or customers who have tried to use a specific feature and failed, or customers who have just upgraded, or customers who have just canceled their membership.

  • Track your scenario conversions

    Keep track of conversions and conversion values for each automation scenario you create. Calculate the ROI of your marketing automation scenarios without any hassle.

Dynamic, remote email contents

You can populate the email content of your marketing automation scenario based on data source on any website. You can fetch recommended products content from your website. Or you can fetch the latest blog posts from your blog and insert them to your email campaign without any interaction.

Get started today

Within just a few minutes, you will start tracking every single visitor/user on your website and you will be able to send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.


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