• How would you like to freshen up your FB Fanpage?
  • Is your Header a static image?

Facebook has opened up a way for you to add video to your Fanpage header.


The Future for Facebook fan page video headers is here and you can’t afford to miss it. 

As you may already know, FB has opened up a video upload creator for Fanpage Headers.  A header image at the top of Facebook fanpage is the first thing anyone who visits fanpage sees, and adding a video header can improve business a lot.

Facebook Video Headers are the hottest commodity in Social Media right now and these fanpage video headers make you look like a cutting edge, and really professional.


There are 2 things you need to consider when making FB fanpage header video.


You see people attention span is super short on social media and the maximum length in seconds for those fanpage header is very limited.


This is why Brands like Starbucks, M&M’s, Wendy’s, Samsung and many other fortune 500 companies use Stop Motion style of video to make an announcement, tell a story, promote a product, or even promote an event.


You can use then to elevate you current fanpage header video, share a stronger and longer story.


...you already have FB page header video creation tool which makes "normal looking" FB video header. It is great by itself but how about making it both more eye-catching and squeeze more business story into it?

...then Stop Motion Video can make those FB page header videos for you from regular videos with the awesome Stop Motion.


Stop Motion Video which allows (amount other things) also our video production team can take your existing good video header video and make it great, with Stop Motion.


Biz Help Marketing has the solution for your Facebook Fanpage video marketing.

 Regular price $97

Introductory Sale Price $59


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