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Kingdom Business is our way to build the kingdom through business ownership.  We have develop an resource that aids churches and ministries ways to raise funds to build your finances to go into all the earth.  Kingdom Business is a program of Biz and CEO Brian Cochran.

We provide the following: 

  • E-Commerce- As a part of Biz Help 101 we have an online store called, which we have over 1 million products that as a IBO will be able to sell and recieve commissions on products sold through them.  
    • IBO's are given an affiliate tracking number to receive credit for sales and get paid commissions on sales
  • Weekly Ongoing Training and Support
    • Christian based startup course that includes
      • Business and life plan
      • Internet 101
      • Basic Web design
      • Internet Marketing Basics
  • Online Institute-  We have tons of courses for students to take in their spare time
  • Independent Business Own (IBO) website- 
    • Use their site to promote their business
  • Commissions paid on a bi-weekly basis through our own Pre-Paid Debit card.


Team Building

Kingdom Business has a team building aspect as well.

Developed as an Affiliate program, where participants are paid on building a team and will receive commissions.

  • Coordinating location is the head of the team
    • Receives commissions and Leadership Overrides
  • A team is made up of 5 people across and 5 levels down
    • Participants get paid on personal sales and the sells of those that are under them.
    • Once they have 5 team members they become a team leader and receive bonuses, and get paid overrides on their team members as well.
  • Leveraging- Students are taught the power of leveraging and how to build their own team.

Cost of Program

There is no cost for this anointed program!

To participate as a Kingdom builder see the church that referred you and they will tell you how you can get started.  


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