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The Kingdom Business Program is designed to help those that are in the workplace how to use the marketplace to build the kingdom.  We are called to do the work of an evangelist and our program called "Personal Evangelism Made Easy" part of Knect 2 Evangelism & Discipleship Program. 

Jesus was the King of Evangelism and he connected with people one on one. People follow people they “Knect” to and through this powerful system they will and do that very thing. When Jesus started His ministry, He didn’t produce a crusade, hold a revival, and advertise on TV or Radio.

It started with Personal Evangelism!

Going Back to the Basics- We have designed various courses to help you to learn how to evangelize personally and as a church. Statistics show that when a person is not connected with others they leave. We generally trust someone that we are in a relationship with, and as such through personal relationships (evangelism) sharing our testimony, answering basic biblical questions and staying connected is one of the biggest keys to seeking and saving which that is lost.

We have a manual called “Personal Evangelism Made Easy” that is a step-by-step manual guiding disciples how to be fishers of men. First starting with understanding what evangelism is and is not, to leading someone to Christ. Personal Evangelism Made Easy has within it a study of getting over the fear, useful conversational startup scripts, and more.

In The Workplace 

This program is offers how to minister in the workplace.  Not being preachie but through developing relationships and learning to see the opportunities to to share the love of Jesus Christ.  Participants in this program will learn how to show forth their good works that glorify our Father who is in heave.  Being an example of Christ in the workplace and work while it is still day.  Christians must be the best employee, and we show them through the scriptures how and why.  


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