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The Biz Help 101 opportunity has been designed to help build a business that can produce immediate income as well as long-term residual income. Biz Help 101 has developed the phenomenal compensation plan where representatives are truly rewarded for their efforts.


5 Commission levels

Biz Help 101 is a 5 x 5 Matrix that pays commissions and residual income on all five levels across and down. Biz Help 101 commission levels are paid at these different levels.  These are based on online sales and memberships only and the are as follows:   

  • Level 1 - 20% Commission
  • Level 2 - 30% Commission
  • Level 3 - 5% Commission
  • Level 4 - 3% Commission
  • Level 5 - 2% Commission

Biz Help 101 offers prospective representatives two starting levels:


  1. Customer Representative (CR)


  1. Independent Business Owner (IBO)


In addition there are three leadership levels:


  1. Executive Trainer (ET)


  1. Executive Director (ED)


  1. National Director (ND)



The Biz Help 101 compensation plan offers a simple, but powerful incentive. As higher leadership positions are achieved, income increases.


Getting Qualified


Independent Business Owner (IBO’s) must acquire and maintain at least four active customer points on any Biz Help 101 service at least one of the customers must be outside of the IBO’s name/address/credit card/household) to qualify and be eligible to receive a qualification bonus.


Two Types of Customers


  1. Select Customers


Select customers are paid as a one-time commission (Fast Start Bonus).


  1. Residual Customers


Residual customers are paid as a monthly, recurring commission.


Acquire a passive residual customer one time and commission payments continue month after month, year after year, for the life of the customer. The commission is based on the customers’ monthly payment(s).


Leadership Positions


Advancement through the Biz Help 101 leadership income levels requires additional qualifications to achieve and maintain.


Executive Trainer


As an Executive Trainer you must acquire and maintain:


  • ($1000) in PV (Personal Volume) and team volume


  • Three (3) directly sponsored and qualified Independent Business Owners (IBOs)


  • Completion of Biz Help 101 Institute ET Preparation Module.


Executive Director


As an Executive Director you must acquire and maintain:


  • ($3000) in PV and team volume


  • Ten (10) IBO’s


  • At least one (1) qualified Executive Trainer


  • Completion of Biz Help 101 Institute ED Preparation Module


National Director


As a National Director you must acquire and maintain:


  • ($20,000) in PV and team volume


  • Twenty five (25) IBO’s


  • Three (3) Executive Trainers


  • Five (5) total qualified Executive Directors in your marketing organization.


  • Completion of Biz Help 101 Institute ND Preparation Module.


Senior Vice President


As a Senior Vice President you must acquire and maintain:


  • Fifty (50) IBO’s


  • Five (10) Executive Trainers


  • At least five (5) qualified Executive Director.


  • At least one (1) National Director


  • Completion of Biz Help 101 Institute ND Preparation Module.





  1. Executive Trainer (ET)
    • Receives a 1% override on the first level monthly, $1000 in PV, and team volume (TV) of $10,000


  1. Executive Director (ED)
    • Receives a 2% override on the first 3 levels monthly, $10,000 in PV and team volume (TV) of $30,000


  1. National Director (ND)
    • Receives a 3% override on all 5 level monthly, maintaining $20,000 in PV, and team volume (TV) of $50,000



Biz Help 101 Commissions


Biz Help 101 representatives can earn income in variety of ways:


  1. Fast Start Bonuses- Fast Start Bonus is bonus paid when an IBO recruits his or her first 3 IBOs on the first level.  

  • Fast Start Bonuses are paid one time when a representative acquires a Select customer point.
  • Fast Start Bonuses are paid based on the commission value (CV). The CV is determined by the service and products the customer selects.
  •  Fast Start Bonuses and Residuals are paid based on the amount of Commissionable Value (CV) assigned to a product or service.
  • The Fast Start Bonus is paid for signing up 3 IBO’s or generates $1000 Personal Volume (PV) or team volume of $5000 and receives a $75.00 bonus.


  1. Monthly Residual- Monthly residual commission on products and/or services that are on a monthly payment schedule (example web hosting, memberships, personal credit repair and so on...)


  1. Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs)- CABs is a weekly customer acquisition paid when a IBO obtains 10 new customers in a week and is paid a $50 bonus


  1. Revenue Pool- When Biz Help 101 reaches $100,000 in a given month in total revenue we will pay out a 1% to all the current IBOs.   



Commission Structure


  1. Personal commission


          Personally acquire a customer and receive all personal commissions based on the acquisition of that customer.


  1. Open-Line commission
  • Receive all commissions on the acquisition of customers made by other representatives in your organization that have not yet attained the same position as you.


  1. Generational commission
  • Receive generational commissions on the acquisition of a customer by a representative in your organization who has reached the same leadership position as you.


Biz Help 101's Comp plan  and commisions are subject to change without notice.