The worlds most COMPREHENSIVE cloud-based SMS Platform designed for Marketers to use and sell...

SMS Text Message Marketing Services...

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to generate more leads, build massive engagement, convert more sales and get first mover advantage

  • Bulk SMS
  • Autoresponder SMS
  • Automated SMS Chat Bot
  • Keyword campaigns
  • Telephone number Included
  • Send  1- and 2-way messages
  • No 3rd party integrations

Discover how to get 98% open rates within 3 minutes and a CTR of 40% for a few cents per campaign

Every business needs more leads, customers and sales

Local, National, eCom it doesn’t really matter,

But getting your marketing message opened is getting more and more difficult

Email marketing is still the most popular communication channel with a staggering 2.4 million emails sent worldwide per second!

With that said...

It’s no wonder it’s getting harder and harder to get your email messages delivered

The main issue is the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo are at breaking point trying to combat spam!

Because of this, they are making it more and more difficult to get emails past their complex spam filters

Unless your email includes the essential protocols now required to verify the email is from a trusted sender the email will not reach its target

We know this because back in 2017 we identified this issue and created our own autoresponder app that helped address these exact problems

We do this by incorporating the essential protocol validation to all the emails sent from our app

We now have thousands of very happy customers seeing outstanding delivery rates as a result

Whitelist email will always be the most popular form of marketing communication,

adding new channels is essential or you will get left behind!

The more channels that are used to communicate with your customers the higher the engagement which obviously leads to more sales and revenue

The market has been recently flooded with...

Live Chat bots,  Facebook Messenger Bots, Many Chat Bots,  Push Notification plugins etc

The Now Frontier

SMS Text message marketing

During our research and testing

We very quickly discovered a way to get almost all our messages delivered  instantly and more importantly opened and read with a few minutes

SMS out performs email marketing by 5 to 1 and when used in conjunction with email it out performs it by 10 to 1

Think about it,

Mobile use is so big, the world starts to use these devices the moment we wake up.

It’s called "simple message service" for a reason

It’s simple to do, we all send and receive text messages and it doesn’t matter what type of phone we have  

Brands don't have to worry about crafting great subject lines that will encourage the recipient to open and read a text message.

 The buzz going off in a mobile user's pocket is all the motivation they need to open a text message.

One of the many reasons conversion rates are higher in SMS is the simplicity of the marketing message.

 Text messages are short, they don't include a lot of links, and they are not bogged down with a lot of images. The call-to-action is clear and concise.

 No Spam Filters to Deal With!

Marketers don't have to worry about their promotional text messages ending up in the spam folder.

 The filters that email marketers must battle with do not exist in SMS land.

When someone opts-in to receive SMS marketing messages, marketers don't have to remind them to white list their phone number, so their messages don't accidentally land in a spam folder.​​

​Text message marketing is a SLEEPING GIANT!

  • According to MBA online, more than 4.2 billion people are texting worldwide.
  • According to Nielsen, SMSis already the most used data service in the world.
  • According to CTIA, 6 billion SMS messages are sent each day in the US, over 180 billion are sent each month, and 27 trillion are sent each year.
  • According to Portio Research, the world will send 8.3 trillion SMS messages this year alone – 23 billion per day or almost 16 million per minute.
  • According to Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS messages have a 98% open rate, while email only has a 22% open rate.
  • According to Velocify, SMS messages have a 45% response rate, as opposed to email which has a 6% response rate.

SMS text messages are now part of our daily life

Whilst not everyone has Facebook or is logged in to receive messages, 

Everyone on the planet now has a mobile phone!

You also don’t need the latest and greatest mobile phone model...

Any phone can send and receive a text making it a super powerful communication platform

Airlines, hotels, taxi companies, doctors, schools, hospitals etc all use SMS because it has the highest delivery rate of any communication platform

Messages can be delivered for a few cents making it incredibly cost effective!

Statistics show that businesses are starting to pay more attention to SMS marketing as a reliable and secure communication source, but less than 10% of local businesses use any form of text message communication!

SMS text message marketing works for any Industry

Using text message's takes your marketing conversions to another level

This is a massive opportunity for savvy marketers to feed into this almost untapped market!

Online Marketers

Adding text message communications can massively boost engagement and conversions from prospects to customers and provide instant targeting for limited time offers

Stand out from the crowd and boost your own brand

Get first mover advantage and use text messages in your own business to…

Close more high-ticket sales

Provide coaching clients with a personal contact

24/7 instant support responses

Increase conversions with instant alerts

Sell Local services

And much much more...

Offline Marketers

Providing Text message marketing services to your local clients...

Is without doubt the easiest and most lucrative service you will ever find to sell!

Forget about competing with the other consultants selling the same old services

Discount coupons on social media,

Google maps

Local ads 

SEO Services

Web design etc

And anything else you can think of!

Bottom line is...

Its HARD WORK and just too crowded!

But imagine selling a proven service that everyone on the planet knows about...

 99.9% actually use personally


A service that no other local marketing consultants are providing...

Forget about waiting for days, weeks and months to produce results for your clients...

You can deliver a positive ROI on DAY 1!

And SMS is not only about increasing revenue...

Clubs, non-profit associations, schools, churches, doctors, dentists etc all need to communicate and there is no easier, faster or cheaper way than using SMS text messages

This is an opportunity...

 Just too good to miss...

Simple but powerful Process lets your clients

Acquire new customers using our automated chat bot keyword flows

Engage with existing customers using our automated keyword campaigns 

Service  customers providing important updates, information and support

Sell to customers new and old using our powerful bulk SMS to send to 1000s of customers 

Mobile SMS marketing works for any type of business and providing professional services has never been easier or more lucrative!

But its not that easy to get started...

You need the right tools and software to provide the service

Text message marketing is not new and is already big business!

You can find loads of services that will send your messages and you can pay a monthly inclusive fee for a fixed number of credits or buy pay as you go credits

These services can be expensive but more importantly...

 DO NOT PROVIDE THE TOOLS OR ADVANCED FEATURES to allow marketers to provide text message marketing services to clients

You can also find a couple of apps that include email and SMS text message communications

But ONLY sending 1 way messages is simply not enough 

Whilst you can send offers, alerts and notifications and still see some great results

The key to getting REAL SUCCESS with SMS text message marketing...

Is to provide 2-way messaging!

Its the only way to...

Build engagement

Automate lead generation

Automate 2 way messaging using Chat bots 

Provide real time replies using SMS Chat 

And much much more..

The market is enormous!

We know the market for an email marketing solution that delivers outstanding results without spending hundreds of dollars per month is already huge

Text message marketing is a sleeping giant!

And here's the thing...

No one offers a complete solution that provides...

​ 2-way messaging, 

Automated lead generation 

SMS Automated Chat bots

Live chat via SMS

​Seamless Integration

We knew we needed to create an app totally unique that could provide a comprehensive text message marketing solution in 1 easy to use app

Include everything a marketer or business owner alike would require in 1 easy to use dashboard

No complicated 3rd party SMS integrations to make the app work

No 3rd party monthly service charges

Unrivalled, totally exclusive features

Easy, out of the box set up in minutes with no steep learning curve

Outstanding Performance

And much much more...


The world’s most comprehensive SMS Text messaging Marketing Platform 

How the new platform works

It’s a simple process that is designed to get maximum results with seamless integration

Collect new leads

  • Collect new subscribers using web-based lead generation templates and SMS forms
  • Add the forms to websites, post on social media, create in-store promotions
  • Contacts automatically added to an SMS phone book contact list
  • Create segmented phone book contact lists based on the actions and offers taken
  • Import existing contacts 

Send offers

  • Send Bulk SMS campaigns
  • Send quick SMS messages to individuals or small groups
  • Send targeted keyword campaigns to existing customers and deliver the offers automatically 
  • Connect instantly on SMS Chat to skyrocket conversions
  • Create automated SMS chat bot flows to build massive engagement and convert enquires to actions, bookings and sales

Provide Professional services

  • No 3rd party integrations required to deliver services
  • Create branded campaigns using a clients exclusive local number
  • Build long term relationships
  • Works for any industry
  • Deliver guaranteed results


Real Life Tangible Results

  • Much happier customers
  • Generate more leads and make more sales from the same ad budgets
  • Scalable full-time business opportunity
  • Massive Personal Business brand building Opportunity
  • Become the “go to guy/gal” for local marketing services

Total Flexibility - Outstanding performance - Unrivalled service

Trust Inboxingpro to build and scale your business

You are in safe hands and we are here to stay

Unlike some vendors and developers who don’t seem to support products after the first few months...

We are passionate about our business!

Our business model is based on annual service fees NOT pie in the sky "Lifetime access" type claims which disappear in a matter of months because it is impossible to service clients and provide upgrades etc

As a valued customer of InboxingPro you can look forward to outstanding service including...

Premium support

Upgrades to existing features and new features added

Updates to the platform and expert server management regardless of cost

  • Our email platform was launched in September 2017
  • We currently store over 17 million subscribers and send millions of emails to the inbox
  • We have rock solid servers and state of the art technology
  • We have a proven track record that you can trust

And with the addition of SMS...

We have created the most comprehensive

 SMS marketing platform on the planet!

Outstanding New SMS features 

Send Bulk SMS Send Quick SMS Autoresponder SMS Keyword campaigns

Send Instant SMS messages to 1000s of contacts using phone book contacts

Send SMS messages to individuals or small groups for that personal touch

Set up recurring messages using templates based on hour, day, week or month

Create targeted 2-way automated campaigns to capture leads and delivery links

Unique brand ID Unique Tel Number Import Contacts Create Client Groups

Create your own unique brand ID to send 1-way messages for maximum exposure

Use a unique local or national number to send 2-way messages for long term brand building

Import contacts to an unlimited phone book lists using CSV or copy and paste

Create unlimited groups based on niche or location and send using bulk SMS

Automated Chat Bots
Live Chat Replies
PAYG roll over credits
Bespoke templates

Create powerful 2-way automated chat flows to  increase engagement and drive sales

Take over any incoming message in real time and send and receive replies to boost sales conversions

Buy discounted credits directly inside the app which are added to your account and never expire

Create unlimited templates to send bulk SMS and autoresponder messages

Delivery Reports
Campaign Reports
Invoice module
Full support Desk

Access delivery reports on every message sent and received to see the success

Campaign reports provide detailed stats on the number of messages sent and delivered

Automaticlly  create an invoice for each purchase of SMS credits to print or save to records

Access our support desk directly from inside the app or via the members area

Use SMS text messages to add new contacts, build massive engagement and sell more stuff!

  • Text to Win
  • Text to Join
  • Text to Donate
  • Text links
  • Text social, photos, video
  • Text to save

  • Emergency alerts
  • Promo codes
  • Discount coupons
  • Customer Support
  • Send Reminders
  • Confirm Appointments

We have created many powerful unique features essential for marketers to provide a complete, totally unique service that just FLAT OUT WORKS! 

Lead generation

Convert cold leads to customers

Create a specific offer based on a keyword reply to your local telephone number

Create web-based lead generation forms and add to websites, add links in email signatories, add banners to social media and create point of sale flyers

Create a SMS chat bot to automate the whole process

Set up takes a few minutes

Add questions, answers and the final response and the bot is fired into action when a recipient sends a message with a keyword to the local number

Generate new leads on autopilot and let the bot convert to customers, orders, bookings and reservations

Here is a typical chat bot flow for a local restaurant using a free course promotion

In this example all replies received to the exclusive local restaurant number with the keyword, FREECOURSE triggers the bot into action and directs the conversation to confirm a table booking for 4 and the customer details are saved to phone book contact list


This entire chat bot flow took less than 5 minutes to set up and once it is completed its set and forget

Think about the amazing possibilities of driving more store visits, new sales, bookings, engagement and general brand building

Consolidate the reservation to increase redemptions by 30% - 40% or 50% using our live chat SMS

Typically, a restaurant using a coupon type promotion can expect 15% - 20% customer take up from the number of coupons issued

You can see below the power of adding personal follow up SMS messages to consolidate the customer booking which works for any business like gangbusters

Sending a more personalized message instantly builds massive engagement and more importantly commitment

Can you see the effect this can have on a typical reservation and the best part is it takes less than 2 minutes and costs a few cents per customer to complete!

Stand out from the crowd and establish your brand

Make a lasting impression with outstanding personal service from the start

You have a customer for life and recommendations are off the scale

Works for any  business

Powerful Automation at its best

  • The bot can collect name, email, phone number and a company name and automatically adds this data to a phone book contact list
  • Send an instant confirmation with a link to a landing page, coupon code or sign up page

But it gets even better, 100% Mobile Responsive so you never miss a lead

We are all busy people and not always sat at the PC

We have created a yet another totally unique feature that allows you to set up an instant notification sent to your phone when a new recipient replies to the chat bot.

Add the number you wish to use to receive the notifications, you can set up different numbers for each campaign if required

Message sent instantly with details of the recipiant number and keyword to easily identify

Let the bot do the work and convert a lead into a reservation, customer order, booking or any other call to action and then you have the option to make a reply in real time directly from your own phone for each of the recipient replies

Simply open the app, find the customer and make your replies or access and use any other feature directly from your own phone

 Send personal updates, reminders and alerts 

Here is an example providing a reminder to download a free report, friends send personal SMS messages and you can remove the barriers most customers have with new marketers or businesses much easier and quicker sending more personal SMS messages

Increase sales from existing subscribers and customers

Send regular email campaigns and bulk SMS messages to 1000's 

Simply provide details of an exclusive offer and request a reply to the local telephone number quoting the keyword, name and email to get the information

The SMS keyword Campaign automatically sends a reply containing a link to the offer

Here you can see a bulk SMS message sent to a contact list and the automated reply provides a call to action or link to an offer

The Health Club

The Hardware Store

Create set and forget Autoresponder Campaigns

Deliver your latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your own business on autopilot

Most businesses have latest offers and special deals

Simply set up a campaign, this example is a weekly alert

Set the time period to send

Send a link to the latest offers page for regular free traffic on autopilot

It doesn’t get any easier than this to drive existing customers to your latest offers

Automated Segmentation for better targeting

Recipients can be moved from an existing SMS list and added to a new list based on the offer for advanced  segmentation

Create SMS phone book contact lists based on individual offers and products TO MASSIVELY BOOST CONVERSIONS FURTHER!

Provide 24/7 Automated SMS Support 

It doesn’t really matter how big your business is, we all need a support desk or some way in which customers and would be customers can contact us

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for days to get a reply to a support request, it may be technical and needs immediate attention or it may be a customer on the edge of confirming an order

Never miss a ticket or leave your customers waiting again

Set up a support desk using our chat bot with an exclusive keyword and simply map out the chat flow

Here is an example of what can be set up very quickly and easily and this works for any business

Simply add a contact number for 24/7 SMS Support

For SMS support text Support to local number 1446 555 666

Any reply sent to the number with the keyword "Support"  automatically triggers the Chat Bot as the example below shows

Create unlimited support Bots 

If you have multiple products or brands, using the pro license, set up unlimited support bots using unique keywords and once created this is set and forget support 

Increase your sales conversions using the live chat feature to take over any sales related support requests

In this example you see the last automated reply from the bot providing an incentive and the message below is a live SMS reply adding more urgency

This works for any type of business, everyone needs to provide support and using our automated chat bot flows is guaranteed to increase engagement and ultimately sales and revenue

Providing highly targeted SMS offers...

Could not be easier or more profitable!

You are limited only by your imagination

Reach 98% of your contacts...

Within 3 minutes!

Send Messages

Bulk SMS messages to 1000's 

Send your SMS messages using regular or autoresponder campaigns

Select No campaign to send 1 way offers sent from your unique sender ID brand

To send to your keyword campaigns simply select the campaign and keyword and let the automation deliver the final message with a link to the offer or a call to action

To send to existing contacts select the phone book contact list

Enter the message and schedule to send immediately or schedule for future

Send quick SMS Messages to Individuals

Confirm appointments, bookings and send personal notifications using the unique sender ID brand

This is a great way to provide a really personal level of service, drive more sales and ensures more bookings and appointments are fulfilled

Simple Pricing – Solid Platform – Outstanding Results 


We include all of the premium SMS features as standard

  • SMS list automation
  • Sender ID brand
  • Unique telephone number
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Phone book contacts 
  • Keyword campaigns
  • Chat bot keyword flows
  • Live chat
  • Client portal
  • Buy client numbers
  • Discounted PAYG credits
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Send Quick SMS
  • Autoresponder SMS

You Have No Risk

With our 30-day

 Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We’re willing to take all the risk because we know this app delivers results

You have a full 30 days to put the app to the test and if for any reason you are not delighted with the results just let us know and we will issue a full prompt refund (Message Credits non Refundable)

With no questions asked!

Don’t miss this Unique Opportunity to get a massive first mover advantage and save today!

Click on the banner below and fill out our simple form and one of our marketing agents will be in contact shortly

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