Accelerating B2C and B2B marketing breakthroughs

Whether your business is B2B or B2C we can help you accelerate breakthroughs by virtue of our unique distinction:

We blend practice areas for a much keener, broader understanding of the challenges you face in your market.

It’s simply not a pure play world anymore. Holistic business perspectives are absolutely critical in developing industry-leading marketing initiatives. In short, you need both sides. As business-minded marketers, we provide a fusion of B2C and B2B expertise that is unique to us—and highly beneficial to you.

Brand Development

Who are you and how are you different?

Ultimately the value of your brand hinges on the myriad ways that customers interface with you. From your corporate vision to the way your sales teams talk to a customer, to the ease of a transaction.

Biz Help 101 has built a solid, strong reputation in helping companies identify their clear space in the market. Our team of seasoned, senior consultants lead exercises on such critical topics as: cross-functional communication, mapping your sales process and customer touchpoints, innovation, competitive activity, brand differentiation, and identifying company core values.

We also work with client teams to develop positioning that differentiates and messages that articulate value.

Whether you are launching or refreshing, we’ll help you determine how your company’s goals, market trends and customer insights intersect toward an engaging, lasting and profitable brand.


  • Research (please see Customer Engagement)
  • Communication, perception and internal audits
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Competitive evaluation
  • Brand positioning and articulation: promise, values, voice
  • Messaging
  • Internal brand alignment



What is advertising? That’s not a trick question. Advertising seems to be ever-evolving into new channels and new mediums. But whether it’s indoor, outdoor, online, offline, on-air or up-in-the-sky messaging, it’s key to an integrated campaign. Most importantly, it’s so on target it stops you in your tracks. Then it evokes emotion, like a smile, and prompts response. We’ve done it all, always respecting the medium to bring out the best in the message.

Strategic and creative services:

  • Print advertising/consumer
  • Print advertising/trade
  • Broadcast/radio
  • Broadcast/TV
  • Inserts
  • Outdoor/Billboards
  • Bus and transit posters
  • Online banners and interactive units
  • Trade show
  • Podcasts, videos, RSS

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