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Audio sweetening? Narration for your Documentary Feature Film? Scoring for your next independent film? Field Recording? Need a voice over for a television commercial? Is your band looking to record their next hit CD? ADR? Enjoy a state-of-the-art digital audio recording facility that is professionally designed, spacious and comfortable. Our services are tailored to your needs, including audio recording, music production, songwriting, arranging, mastering, advertising and Musicpreneur Business Resource Center


Our various recording studios have been designed to create an environment that inspires musical expression.

Anchored by our 36-channel 24-bus Hill board made for Akai, we capture the true analog sound and couple it with the clean, crisp digital sound as we edit in ProTools.

Producing anything less than top quality material is not an option.
Look to us if you need any of the following:

-radio advertisements-

-commercial jingles-

-film scores-




- voice overs-

Our rates are competitive

Our service exemplary


you’ll love what you hear

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