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We are a Knowledge Based, Value Driven Network dedicated to Small Business Owners
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As an business owner you are on your own, but with Biz Help 101 you are not alone. 
We are here to be a support system for you and your business.
Enrich your entrepreneurial experience by leveraging the power of an engaged community.
Networking is more than just shaking hands and passing out cards....
it's about building relationships and community. 
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You WIN! As a member you save on products and services that you use and need for doing business.
Consumers WIN! Consumers get exciting Member Benefits  & Cool Prizes when they join Biz Help 101 and start supporting small Businesses.
Businesses WIN! Independently- owned Businesses can promote their business and reward new and existing customers when they join Biz Help 101 Today!
Communities WIN! We as well offer programs to help build entrepreneurs to those in the in the global community.

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Explore the growing range of exclusive Biz Help 101 member benefits:


Global Events

Held throughout the year, Biz Help 101 Global events combine provocative learning programs with unique resources and memorable social venues and online events.



As a Biz Help 101 member, you’re invited to attend one-of-a-kind chapter events built around learning and engagement.


What would you give for the ability to tap into a group of 7-10 fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their experiences?

Biz Help 101 Connect

Leverage 500+ Biz Help 101 members around the world to learn and grow in business and life networking both on and offline.


Biz Help 101 Mentorship is a chapter-driven program for Biz Help 101 designed to help them learn and grow as business owners.


An online marketplace where Biz Help 101 members boost their bottom lines every year by taking advantage of special offerings from 20 to 30% savings from the products and services.



Attend customized learning programs from the world's top business professionals.

 Professional Consultants

Biz Help 101 has a team of anointed and professional consultants and coaches at your fingertips. As a member you have discounted access to them.