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Attorneys (0)Authors (0)
Booking Agents (232)Business Credit Information Services (1)
Business solutions
Business Developers (0)Business Networks (0)
Various organizations that specializing in networking with other business
Business Opportunities (2)
In this section are businesses that offer franchises, partnerships oppertunities
Caterers (0)
CD, DVD, VHS Duplication Companies (1)Churches (2)
Construction Companies (0)Disc Jockeys (1)
Mobile and Club DJ's from around the world
Distribution (0)
product distribution such as books, Music, Movie, clothing, and so on...
Entertainment Management (0)
Graphic Design Companies (1)Handyman (0)
Health & Wellness (0)Internet Audio (0)
Companies that offer software Audio Content Creator for websites
Internet Service Providers (1)Inventors (0)
Various inventors
Investors (0)
Various investors to partner or invest in your project
Janitorial Services (0)
Management Companies (0)
The various Management Companies that specialize in entertainment
Manufactures (0)
Marketing and Promotions (9)
Marketing and Promotions companies
Printing Companies (1)
In this section are the many Printing Companies that are a part of PhatX
Pro Sound and Lighting Companies (1)
Rentals, Sales and Service.
Property Managers (0)
Various companies that manage property- rentals, homes, apartments
Prototype Designers (0)Publishing (0)
Music Publishing
Real Estate Companies (0)Real Estate Investors and Investing (0)
Record Companies (0)Recording Studios (2)
Rental Halls (4)Restaurants (0)
Sign Companies (1)
Custom signs for your business needs
Software Companies (0)
Various comapnies that feature software for both computer and internet applications
Telecommunications Companies (0)
Various companies the offer telephone services such as long distance and local access
Theatres/Plays (4)
Theatre venues that produce Plays
Video Production Companies (1)Web Developers (3)
Biz Help 101 (0)
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