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What are the best ways of B2B lead generation?

I was asked the following question.

By the way B2B (means Business to Business)

Question:  Ok, we have the website up and running, catalog n brochures ready, office ready. We also know which companies we want as our clients. But what next? How to approach the exact decision makes in the  companies we want to work with.

Answer:  Having a website and brochure is just the beginning. Next should be contacting the companies that you are interested in either by phone or email. If the companies are local host a grand opening and invite them. If they are not in your area, host free online events to drive traffic to your website. Mail your new brochures to prospective customers with a personal note from the CEO. Hopefully you created a Wordpress or some type of blog section and add great content to your site so that when prospect come to your site they will come more often when there is fresh content and a reason to go back to your site. Make sure that you have some type of list building solution on your site to capture leads when they come.

Please don't make the mistake that you only have to do online marketing because it's free or little cost. Traditional marketing still works and just as effective as online marketing.

If you would like more info I've written a book called "Startup guide to Marketing" which is available on book and ebook. Click here to purchase. It's also available on Amazon click here.

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