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A New Approach to Corporate Branding

A New Approach to Corporate Branding

There are a growing number of companies who are now paying more keen attention in creating and maintaining a strong corporate brand. They are decidedly taking a leaf out of the expert’s books, from big conglomerates that have valiantly stayed at the top position through the year amid the stiff competition ensued by other key players in the industry. In the marketing world, the newest ingredient for success is by developing a “brand platform”, which is said to be the ultimate springboard for every branding decision.

The company’s brand platform is basically the very essence of what the product brands stand for. It is a strategically an innovative approach to corporate branding based on a set of statements that will encompass the identity of your company, what it is all about, its products and services, and its mission and goals. Although there are varying approaches to formulating a branding platform depending on the type of business, it vitally has these common elements:


The primary effective approach to corporate branding is to be able to come up with a set of driving philosophy of your business. It should be succinct and clear in expressing the company’s purpose, the products’ features and benefits, your target market and the advantages that would back you up in view of the tough competition. Make sure that your mission statement will be brief but written in a very compelling way.

Identity Attributes

These are the list of the core attributes of your brand, the key words or phrases that you want your clients to associate with your company, products or services you offer. These features should stand out from the rest of the competitors and should resonate the specific preferences of your target market. A great example of this is the word “safety”, which most consumers would readily associate with FedEx. The company basically “owns” the word.

Value Proposition

Another efficient approach to corporate branding is by coming up with a set of your company’s competitive advantages over and above other adversaries in the industry. The value proposition will mainly inform your consumers of the main benefits if they choose you product brand from the rest of other competing brands.

Brand Story

It is important to be able to record the humble history of the organization, and chronicle the grueling way on how you were able to survive in the industry through the years. This unconventional approach to corporate branding will help you build a powerful reputation, backed up with valuable years of experience. Everybody loves a good story, and your company’s public relations will certainly benefit by sharing you own unique success story.

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